Brandon Lewis: Why we need 50% women on our candidates list

The Conservative Party have set an ambition to have women make up 50 per cent of Conservative parliamentary candidates, as part of a radical change to ensure everyone is able to achieve their true potential whatever their background and circumstances.

The Party Chairman has launched a package of measures to encourage more women to stand as Conservative candidate. At the moment, around 30 per cent of approved candidates are women, and this is not enough.

Brandon Lewis will commission a substantial piece of research into the issues that lead women away from political and public life, create a new network of mentors and shadowing opportunities at all levels of politics, encourage Conservative councils to take the lead and offer better paternity and maternity policies, and build a Young Women’s network to increase the participation of young women. 

This matters because In the past, women have been excluded from having enough of a voice in the places where decisions about their lives are made. We will take action to ensure exceptional women have the same opportunities to succeed in public life. 

To see Brandon's speech you can click here.