Lynda Organ and Gavin Griffiths selected for local by elections

Following the sad death of Councillor Keith Lloyd there will be a by election on 29th November. The local Conservatives have chosen Lynda Organ to fight for the County Council seat and Gavin Griffiths for the Town Council seat. Leaflets for both candidates are attached.

Lynda Organ is the Conservative Party candidate for the County Council by election in Stratford North (Welcombe, Avenue, Clopton and part of Hathaway)

Lynda was born in Stratford, lives in Oakleigh Road and is proud to be a native Stratfordian with over 20 years’ experience of industry AND has represented residents at Stratford District Council for many years.

She is well known and highly regarded for her strong approach working on behalf of residents and has led many local campaigns.  Lynda loves the town and its residents.  She says: “It is a delight to walk down the street and meet people who are so friendly and interested in their local community.  We must ensure Stratford retains its prosperity and attractiveness.”

You can contact Lynda on 01789 266 278 or by email on


Lynda Organ

Lynda is an effective Community Leader who has the ability to fight for what is best for the town. She works closely with local residents on the issues that matter to them and has                     successfully led campaigns to preserve and enhance our green spaces, for example, the Community Orchard projects, the on-going battles to save KES playing fields from development, and simple actions like renewing the  hedgerow at Oakleigh Road after years of neglect. Lynda is focused on improving community and leisure facilities for local families, she                 championed the refurbishment of Stratford Leisure Centre and the Ken Kennett Centre along with the provision of a dowry for Clopton Community Association to get it up and running.

“I will never promise what I cannot deliver” she says “we need honesty from our local representatives not soundbites and false hope.” I am strongly focused on our local needs.  By working with residents, I have identified what concerns people most from dog mess and anti-social behaviour to serious crime. 

My vision is to create a County of ambition; strong economically – a place that you want to build a business, work and give your family the best start in life - and to grow old with confidence. And crucially I will be the determined voice banging the drum to resolve the traffic on Birmingham Road!

Finally, all decisions and issues that impact on us all are automatically routed to the County Councillor. In our Town we have no Conservative County councillor representation, therefore Stratford has limited influence and limited power. No influence and no power means the things we want in Stratford Town will probably not get priority. We need a Conservative voice in County Hall!

So, not only do we need Conservative councillors to run an effective administration we also need Conservatives from Stratford in the County to ensure we, as a town, have more influence, more power and more capability to get the things we want  actually done.

This by election won’t change who runs the Country or Brexit; it is only about who represents YOU locally. I have worked hard for Stratford over many years and will continue you to do so whatever the result of this election.

Gavin Griffiths is the Conservative Party candidate for the Town Council by election in Welcombe

I was raised in a village just outside Stratford and left when I was twenty to pursue a career in London.

Two decades later, I returned home with my young family. I wanted to give them the same warm, safe upbringing that I had been fortunate to experience growing up here. You find that a lot with Stratfordians; wherever they end up, they still call Stratford home!

That was 10 years ago.

Since my return, I’ve settled back into the Stratford way of life. I run a marketing business with Katharine, my wife, based here in the town. In my spare time I’m on the committee of Stratford-upon-Avon Foodbank and also chair the Friends of Rowley Fields, an organisation that has been set up to preserve the fields for   future generations. I run a non-profit  website called which I do for fun. I’m up on the hills most days walking with my dogs and after many years in the city still pinch  myself that I live within walking distance of such a beautiful place. On weekends you’re likely to find me jogging with my son at the Rec on Parkrun or at a yoga class at the leisure centre.

I had initially become drawn to politics through my involvement with The Save Rowley Fields Campaign and became inspired by what a local community can achieve if they work together.

More recently I have become concerned about the national discourse. Politics seems to be less about debate and compromise and more about entrenched viewpoints and outright hostility. I think this has to change. We need to listen to each other more and if I am successful in the election then I will be at the service of all residents, no matter what their political hue.Gavin Griffiths

Previously I was involved with a group of political independents. My national politics have always been Conservative, but at this level it is about your values and your commitment to the area. I love this town, I live in the ward and for years I have been involved with community projects because I want to give something back to this amazing part of the world.

For me, standing for Town Council was the logical next step. I did not get involved in the community because I wanted to be elected; I got involved with the community to make a difference and I am standing for election for the same reason.

There are two commitments I will make to you:

1: If elected, I will always put the interests of local residents first

2: Whether you vote for me or not, I will still be out campaigning for our town and this area just like I have done for years

07740 098092

81 Maidenhead Road

Stratford upon Avon

CV37 6XY





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