More taxes vs tax cuts - the choice at the next election

Today the contrast between the Conservatives and Labour could not be more clear.

We're reforming welfare; Labour want to turn the taps back on. We celebrate the businesses who create jobs; Labour demonise them. And while Labour want to put up taxes on people's homes, pensions - even their deaths - the Conservatives are committed to cutting your taxes.

Over the past four and a half years, as we have reduced the deficit, we have also cut income tax for 26 million people.

In the next Parliament, we will go further. We have made two clear commitments that will benefit 30 million taxpayers:

1. We will raise the tax threshold again, so that nobody earning less than £12,500 will pay income tax

2. No-one earning less than £50,000 will pay the 40p rate of tax

Financing these tax cuts while continuing to cut the deficit will be hard, but doable.

Labour could not deliver any of this - and for me, this goes to the heart of the choice at the next election.

A Labour Party offering more spending, more borrowing, more debt and more taxes. Or the Conservatives offering a long-term plan that is working; tax cuts that are credible; a future that is more secure for you and your family.

The choice could not be more stark. So please donate to our campaign today and let's secure a better future for Britain: