Nadhim Zahawi re-selected for Stratford-on-Avon

Conservative Party members in Stratford on Avon unanimously re-adopted Nadhim Zahawi as their candidate for the General Election. Speaking afterwards he said:

‘‘Any election result will leave some people satisfied and a smaller number unhappy. The vote on leaving the EU last June was no exception but whatever side of the argument you were on a year ago it is clear that most people are keen to see us move on and secure the best possible deal from Brexit. But what was not clear was the extent to which some opposition politicians would go to ensure that Britain never leaves the EU.

This country will only be able to secure the good deal we need if we unite behind our Prime Minister. With Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP using Brexit to further their own political agendas, threats to a smooth and orderly Brexit are very real indeed.

This cannot be allowed to happen, and is precisely why the Prime Minister was right to call a General Election. This election boils down to a choice between the strong and stable leadership of Theresa May to guide us through Brexit and beyond or a weak and chaotic mish-mash of the Lib Dems and Scottish Nationalists propping up Jeremy Corbyn.

The outcome of this election and what we do as a country over the next two years will define our success for the foreseeable future. We need a Conservative government to lock in our economic prosperity and cannot risk Corbyn’s chaos.