Update from your local Conservatives on Corona

Barely a month ago I, as Chairman of the Association, was in the office with Alex and Diana for our weekly catch up. We discussed the arrangements for our Westminster Club dinner, the agenda for our AGM. Also on the agenda was the Police and Crime Commissioner election campaign with two upcoming fundraising events, one to include Michael Gove, the revival of the business club and patron’s club was also discussed along with all the campaigning going on. Meanwhile we were still planning our association dinner with Dominic Raab and planning events to recruit new members.

These are very difficult times for the Country with the Prime Minister admitted to hospital with Covid19.

We all now have to play our part to protect the vulnerable and our brave NHS staff by following the Government’s guidelines. If you need help in any way please go on the district council web site at https://www.stratford.gov.uk/health-care/coronovirus-information.cfm?frmAlias=/coronavirus/ for guidance and for details of your local councillor.

Right now nearly all our activities are on hold but please rest assured we hope to get on with many interesting events and campaigning when the situation improves. In the meantime please stay as safe as you can and follow the government guidelines.

Yours sincerely Richard Hobbs, Chairman