More taxes vs tax cuts - the choice at the next election

We're reforming welfare; Labour want to turn the taps back on. We celebrate the businesses who create jobs; Labour demonise them. And while Labour want to put up taxes on people's homes, pensions - even their deaths - the Conservatives are committed to cutting your taxes.

Stratford on Avon MP welcomes record adoption figures

Nadhim Zahawi, Member of Parliament for Stratford on Avon, has praised the Conservative-led Government’s adoption reforms as record figures mean more children can get a secure and loving start in life.

Our United Kingdom

The people of Scotland have spoken. It is a clear result. They have kept our country of four nations together.

Nadhim Zahawi's next traffic summit to take place on 3rd October

Stratford on Avon MP, Nadhim Zahawi has announced that his second Traffic Summit meeting will be held on the 3rd October 2014 at the ArtsHouse (formerly the Civic Hall) in Stratford Upon Avon. Doors will open at 5:45pm with the meeting scheduled for a 6 o’clock start.