Mathew Jennings

Mathew is the Candidate for  Henley in Arden.  Why you should Vote For Me.

KEEPING DOWN COUNCIL TAX   I will examine, identify and propose measures to continue keeping council taxes at their current low levels saving you money to spend on what you want

Chris Mills

Chris Mills is the Candidate For Kineton.    Why you should Vote for Me

WORKING WITH OUR PARISH COUNCILS   Maintaining a good working relationship with our Parish Councils is a priority as I feel they are vital to the day to day running and wellbeing of our communities.

Gill Foreman

Gill is the Candidate For Kinwarton                           Why you should Vote For Me

Ben Dalton

Ben is the Candidate for Long Itchington.   Why you Should you should Vote For Me

PROTECTING OUR BEAUTIFUL RURAL WARD   I want to see the recent rise in policing precept spent on a dedicated rural crime team that understands the needs of our area to tackle this problem urgently.

Emillia Fletcher

Emillia is your candidate for Napton & Fenny Compton Why you Should Vote for Me

CHAMPIONING YOUR ISSUES    My priority is to ensure that you have an effective voice in solving local issues.  I am easy to contact and am eager to talk to you about any concerns you may have.

Ted Fitter

Ted is the Candidate for Quinton.   Why you should Vote For Me

ACTION ON SPEEDING TRAFFIC   I have been trained by Warwickshire Police to use a laser speAed gun. I will organise community sessions to monitor speeding.

John Fielding

 Jhn Is the Candidate for Red  Horse.       Why you Should Vote for Me

REPRESENTING YOUR VIEWS   I live in the centre of the ward and was Chairman of Radway Parish council. I will always seek to represent your views and concerns in the ward

Trevor Bromwich

Trevor is the Candidate for Shipston North.  Why you should Vote for Me

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE   I have lived in Armscote for eight years. I support Shipston’s shops, use the library and support local events. I will strive to represent the ward at District level.

Jo Barker

Jo is the candidate for Shioston South.   


Why you should Vote for Me

Jake Findlater

Candidate for Shottery Why you should vote for Me

OPPOSE SOUTH WEST RELIEF ROAD    I will be passionately campaigning against the South West Relief Road, taking up where my predecessor Molly Giles left off, in standing up for residents.