Peter Richards

Peter is the Candidate for Snitterfield. Why you should Vote for Me

PROTECTING THE GREENBELT   A key priority is to ensure any development for our villages is appropriate and allows for organic growth.        I will continue to work to ensure this happens.


Andy Crump

Andy is the Candidate for Southam South.   Why you should Vote for Me

A COMMONSENSE APPROACH   I would strive to ensure all councils co-operate more so that local residents receive a correct response, first time, that is done in the most cost effective way.

Paul Beman

Paul is the Candidate for Studley & Sambourne  Why you should Vote for Me 

A LIFETIME OF SERVICE TO STUDLEY   As a Parish Councillor for 25 years I have a proven history of working for Studley and have also worked alongside colleagues on Sambourne Parish Council

Phil Applin

Candidate for Tiddington  Why You Should Vote For Me

IMPROVING TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE   I will work with the District and County Councils to put the required effort into solving the issue of relief roads and easing traffic on the Birmingham Road

Tony Dixon


Tony is the Candidate for Tanworth in Arden.  Why you should Vote for Me

THE LOCAL CHOICE FOR OUR AREA    I have lived in Tanworth in Arden ward since 1992, previously representing all residents on Stratford District Council from 1997 to 2010.

Tony Jefferson

Candidate for Welcombe Why You Should Vote For Me

FIGHTING UNWANTED DEVELOPMENT  We need to maintain our 5 year housing land supply and defend the current core strategy which is one of the reasons we are doing compulsory purchase on Wellesbourne airfield.

Richard Cox

Richard is the Candidate for Welford on Avon.    Why you Should Vote for Me

Danny Kendall

Danny is your candidate tor Wellesbourne West     Why you should Vote for Me

PROTECTING OUR AIRFIELD    Saving Wellesbourne Airfield is vital to protect against further new housing, whilst  continuing to provide valueable  jobs for our community. 

Anne Parry

Anne is the Candidate  for Wellesbourne East     Why  you should Vote for Me

SAVE THE AIRFIELD   Protect and safeguard the flying functions of Wellesbourne Airfield to put a STOP to any further large scale housing development in the village.