Mobile testing centre in Stratford and new help for businesses crucial to the local economy

We had the fantastic news on Friday that the Government exceeded its 100,000 Corona virus tests in a day the end of April. A new mobile testing centre has opened at the park and ride car park in  Bishopton this has been really made possible by a huge effort across the NHS, Public Health England, the Army and the private sector and I know we’re all incredibly grateful for their hard work.

We’re now at the stage where any worker, essential or otherwise, who needs to leave home to go to work or anyone over the age of 65 can get tested if they have corona virus symptoms. You can book a test online at

Testing the virus is crucial to the Government’s test, track and trace strategy to keep corona virus at bay. This will become even more important as we start to consider easing the lockdown measures very soon and later this week the Prime Minister will be setting out a comprehensive plan about how we can expect to do that.

Now on a different note in the last week the Government has announced an injection of a further £617 million into the grant scheme for small businesses and those in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors; very much Stratford’s economy.

I know there are business in Stratford on Avon, notably some B and Bs and guest houses who for various reasons have not been able to qualify for the grants so far that are struggling. Similar stories can be seen throughout the country. This extra funding will mean like local authorities like Stratford on Avon District Council will have further funds at their discretion to help small business who have been ineligible up to now. If you think this could apply please get in touch with the Council next week.