Delivered: 3 Clear Promises

Our Prime Minister, Theresa May made three clear promises right at the start of the Brexit negotiations. A deal on citizens’ rights. No hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. A fair financial settlement.

A Bold New Rail Strategy

Rail passengers deserve a more reliable, more efficient service. We will deliver it by ending the one-size-fits-all approach of franchising and bringing closer together the best of the public and private sector. 

Double evening of successful events in Alcester and Brailes

Being involved in the Conservatives is certainly NOT all heavy politics. On Friday night two very successful social events took place with nearly 120 people attending across two events, one in Alcester and the other in Brailes.

Boundary Commission sees sense over proposals

The Boundary Commission for England has listened to common sense over proposals to re-draw the boundaries of Parliamentary constituencies in Warwickshire.